Almost is an Instagram-first media outlet focused on world news stories for young people.

Founded by Kassy Cho, Almost’s mission is to inform young people – especially young women – about important issues that are going on around the world and inspire them to take positive action to shape the world they live in.

Inspired by Rookie Magazine, Almost is for teens who exist in a state of “almostness” – not quite a child yet not quite an adult. It’s also reflective of the type of news the outlet covers – people living in a world that is “almost” there and trying to make it better.

As part of the mission to help people become more aware of the world around them and how complex topics happening worldwide directly affect them, Almost is also available in Chinese to make world news more accessible for Mandarin-speaking audiences on Instagram.

An independent journalist and audience strategist, Kassy brings all her knowledge from QuickTake by Bloomberg and Buzzfeed News to the table as Editor-in-Chief of the platform.

As an Audience Development Editor at BuzzFeed News, Kassy single-handedly transformed the BuzzFeed @world Instagram the fastest growing news account on the platform in 2018. She grew @world organically by more than 1,500%, from 50,000 followers to more than 785,000 followers, in just over a year.

Her work led to her partnership with Instagram for International Women’s Day 2019. She was awarded the Silver and People’s Choice Lovie Award in 2019 for Best Use of Stories for her “#WCW: Badass Women You Should Know About” story series.

Kassy is also known for her reporting on online culture in Asia Pacific and is credited with popularising Chinese memes such as “Karma’s a bitch” and the Four Generations challenge in the West.

She has worked on audience and social media strategy with companies such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Channel 4 News, Wateraid, Flo, Coconuts, the Society of Publishers in Asia and more.