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Meanwhile In Australia, A Koala Crashed A Gas Station And Thought The Employee’s Leg Was A Tree

Just another day in Australia.

In an extremely Australian turn of events, a curious koala crashed a gas station in Woodside, near Adelaide in South Australia, on Saturday March 5, and climbed up an employee’s leg.

The employee was stunned and didn’t know how to get the koala off.

The whole incident was captured by security cameras and an employee named James Paparella.

In the video, the 5.7-kilogram koala can be seen wandering around the gas station store and browsing the shelves for 40 minutes, before trying to climb up an employee’s leg.

Paparella told Yahoo News Australia that they called wildlife rescue and then kept the koala in the store to avoid causing traffic and injuries.

“[We] had her behind the counter, well looked after with water, air conditioning and company,” Paparella told Yahoo News Australia.

Wildlife rescuer Jemma Manfre told Yahoo News Australia the koala was “pretty chill” and sitting in a service area behind the counter. “She was just sitting on the floor and probably quite a young koala,” she said.

Manfre said they released the koala at a forest about 500 meters away, where it ran up a tree and didn’t look back until she was at the top.

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