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A Giant Spider Interrupted A COVID Press Conference In Australia And It Was The Most Australian Thing Ever

A COVID-19 press conference in Queensland, Australia, was interrupted when a giant huntsman spider crawled up the leg of the state’s health minister, causing a moment of chaos.

Yvette D’Ath had been speaking to reporters in the garden of Queensland’s Parliament house on Thursday Dec. 16 when someone said, “Minister, you’ve got a big spider on your leg.”

D’Ath reacted with a “Oh!” and asked for someone to help her to remove the spider from her, adding that she did not like spiders.

“I am going to keep going and pretend I don’t have a huntsman on me right now and let someone else manage this but if it gets anywhere near my face, please let me know,” she said.

As she continued speaking, the spider made its return, and multiple people pointed out to D’Ath that it was under her left foot.

D’Ath reacted with shock again before the spider finally crawled away.

“Well, that was a moment, wasn’t it? We’ve got COVID and we’ve got huntsman,” D’Ath joked after and continued the press conference.

Huntsman are large venomous spiders with leg spans of up to 15 centimeters (six inches), according to the BBC, but they are not considered dangerous as they are reluctant to bite.

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