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This Australian Woman Went For A Walk After A Flood And The Entire Ground Was Covered In Spider Webs

Giant spiderwebs have blanketed the ground in Gippsland, Victoria, southern Australia, after the area experienced severe floods caused by storms last week.

As residents were urged to evacuate from their homes, millions of spiders also moved to higher areas, covering more than a kilometer of bushland in Victoria’s Gippsland with silken gossamer webs.

Through a “ballooning” process, spiders are able to move to a higher location by releasing gossamer threads to hoist themselves and catch the wind as if they were flying.

“Ground-dwelling spiders need to get off the ground very quickly. The silk snakes up and catches onto vegetation and they can escape,” a senior insect curator from Museums Victoria told Australian outlet The Age.

Local Councillor Carolyn Crossley encountered the webs when she went for a walk after the floods to the lake to check for damage, filming and sharing a video to social media.

“It wasn’t scary – it was beautiful. Everything was just shrouded in this beautiful gossamer spider-web, all over the trees and fences,” she told the BBC.

The webs are expected to disintegrate in a few days.

The floods caused widespread damage, leaving two people dead and hundreds of people without electricity.

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