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This Australian Man Saw A Woman Trying To Steal His Car So He Lifted It With A Forklift To Stop Her Escaping

An Australian man has succeeded in using a forklift to prevent a thief from stealing his car in Queensland, Australia.

According to authorities, Brendan Mills and his family had returned home in Logan, west Brisbane, only to find a woman allegedly trying to steal their car after using their home to shower and change on June 5.

Mills told Sunrise, the local morning show, how everything happened quickly.

He said he asked the woman to get out of the car, but she had refused.

Mills, who works with cars, had a forklift, and came up with the idea of using the machine to stop the intruder.

“You had this immense amount of adrenaline running through the system, lots of thoughts cross your mind… I just went, ‘Well, there’s a forklift sitting there โ€“ why not?’,” Mills told the morning show, according to the BBC.

Police officers came soon after and arrested the woman once the car was lowered.

The 24-year-old unnamed woman has been charged with burglary and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

She has been granted bail but will appear in court next month.

Australian police have discouraged citizens from taking similar actions when faced with criminal activity to protect themselves from harm.

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