This Taiwanese Baby Girl Dressed Up As Pennywise The Clown From “It” For Halloween And It’s The Cutest

Muxi's dad told Almost he and his wife are big fans of horror movies so decided to recreate the sewer scene from "It".
Meet Muxi, a three-month-old baby girl from Banqiao, Taiwan, who dressed up as Pennywise the Clown from It for Halloween.
Being big fans of horror movies, Muxi’s parents came up with the idea to dress her up as the horror film character who kids fear the most.
baby pennywise clown muxi mom taiwan
To make the costume even more complete and realistic, her dad also recreated the whole sewer scene by making good use of the baby stroller.
baby pennywise stroller halloween

Made of corrugated plastic sheets that cost less than NT$200 (US$6.20), the sewer wasn’t easy to make at first, her dad, 35-year-old Tseng-qi told Almost.

Some of the friends he showed said it looked like stairs, while some said it looked like a coffin, but it turned out well after he added the iconic red balloon the baby stroller.

The whole process took about three to four hours, he said.  

They didn’t put any special effort into Muxi’s makeup, just using a red face paint crayon for kids,” he said.
baby pennywise halloween sewer stroller taiwan

“After all she’s only a three-month-old baby with soft and delicate skin, so we were worried she might be allergic,” he said. “So we shifted the focus to the baby stroller.”

Tseng-qi and his wife took Muxi for a walk in her new baby stroller over the weekend and caught a lot of attention. 
baby pennywise stroller sewer dad taiwan
Everyone started asking to take pictures with Muxi, and it ended up taking them 30 minutes to finish a three-minute walk, Tseng-qi said.
baby pennywise taiwan halloween stroller crowd
“Muxi was very collaborative because she was well-fed and well-rested that day,” Tseng-qi, who owns a hair salon and cafe, said, adding that being surrounded by people in the hair salon is a part of Muxi’s daily life, so she was not afraid of the crowd.
baby pennywise halloween costume stroller taiwan
Tseng-qi shared the photos in a popular Taiwanese Facebook group, where the post went viral, gaining more than 48,000 likes and 5,400 comments.
baby pennywise clown it halloween taiwan dog

“I didn’t expect it to go viral,” he said. “We just wanted to celebrate her very first Halloween and make memories together.” 

“We are so happy people love the costume as well as Muxi,” he added.

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