Botswana’s Government Tried To Outlaw Same-Sex Relationships But A Court Ruled It’s Unconstitutional

Botswana's court of appeals has upheld a ruling to decriminalize same-sex relationships.
Botswana’s court of appeals has upheld a ruling to decriminalize same-sex relationships.
The government had tried to overturn the verdict from 2019 that found it was unconstitutional to criminalize gay sex.
botswana decriminalize same sex relationships ruled unconstitutional
In an unanimous ruling on Monday Nov. 29, the five judges ruled that criminalizing same-sex relationships was violating LGBTQ people’s rights to dignity, liberty, privacy and equality, according to the Guardian.
botswana court decriminalize same sex relationship unconstitutional
In 2019, the country’s high court struck down colonial-era laws that criminalized gay sex, declaring it to be unconstitutional in a huge boost for LGBT rights in Africa.
botswana court protect same sex relationships rights
Homosexuality was outlawed in the country’s penal code in 1965, and people who were in same-sex relationships could face up to seven years in prison, with terms of up to five years for “any person who attempts” to engage in homosexual acts, according to the New York Times.
botswana court protects-same sex relationships rights
In the ruling on Monday, the court president said that as LGBTQ citizens had lived in “constant fear of discovery or arrest” when “expressing love for their partners,” sometimes leading to depression, suicidal behavior, alcoholism or substance abuse, Africa News reported.
botswana government tried outlaw same-sex-relationships ruled unconstitutional
“Those sections have outlived their usefulness, and serve only to incentivize law enforcement agents to become key-hole peepers and intruders into the private space of citizens,” he said.
botswana court decriminalize lgbt win
Botswana is one of a few African countries that have decriminalized homosexuality.
botswana court protect lgbt rights
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