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These Brazilian Friends Are Helping People With Disabilities Climb Mountains And It’s Changing Lives

"Our vision is that everyone deserves to be where we can all go."

A friend group in Brazil created a club to aid people with disabilities to climb mountains.

The Inclusion Collective operates in the popular city of Rio de Janeiro and has more than 124 volunteers, who help people with disabilities journey through Brazil’s mountain trails.

“We are a group of friends who know other friends, and that’s how the snowball effect keeps on making the group grow bigger, more and more towards helping the whole world,” a member of Inclusion Collective, Leandro “Chiquinho”, told Reuters.

“Our vision is that everyone deserves to be where we can all go,” he added.

Every journey requires a custom wheelchair, with several parts modified to provide the best comfort for users.

“We try to do something new so that the chair is always being perfected, that is our idea, to improve to be able to take people to more places,” another member, Alexandre Pinta, said.

People with different abilities have commented the program has helped changed their lives.

“I can see a notorious feeling of empathy in every person in this group and it makes me very happy to know that even though I cannot walk with my legs, this group makes you go all the places in all the ways you want to go,” Anderson Carlos, who is disabled, said.

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