This Chilean Reporter Was Covering A Story About Thefts On Air And Then A Parrot Stole His Earphone

As a Chilean reporter covered a story about increasing thefts on air, the last thing he expected was to be the victim of a robbery too.

As a Chilean reporter was covering a story about increasing thefts live on air, the last thing he expected was to become the victim of a robbery himself.

The reporter for the Chilevision channel, Nikolas Krumm, was speaking on TV when a parrot landed on his shoulder and grabbed one of his wireless earphones.

The video shows Krumm continuing his report in a calm manner while gesturing silently to the crew about the incident.

In the background, a cameraman is seen rushing to the rescue and trying to catch the bird, but with little success.

As the cameraman runs to the other side and disappears from view to catch the parrot, the voice of a young child can be heard in the background saying, “Leave the parrot alone.”

“We never thought we would be victims of a robbery of this type,” Krumm said in an interview later on.

He said the earphone was eventually found thanks to the sharp eyes of one cameraman who spotted it in the grass.

The video has been watched hundred of thousands of times and gone viral on social media.

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