China Banned Women From Modeling Lingerie On Livestreams So Men Started Doing It Instead

"I love it even more now."

After the Chinese government banned women from modeling lingerie on live streams, live stream e-commerce accounts on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, have started using male models to do the job.

Last year, China banned women from modeling underwear online, and accounts found guilty would be immediately and permanently banned for “spreading obscenity.”

To avoid facing charges, Douyin accounts like “Madame’s Luxurious Backyard” and “Madame’s Luxurious Boudoir” instead featured male models wearing everything from push-up bras to tight-fitting corsets and lace-trimmed nightgowns.

The male models, who wore masks during the live-stream, can be seen posing and showing off sexy lingerie in front of the camera.

“Personally, we do not have a choice,” the account owner told Jiu Pai News during an interview.

“I love it even more now,” one user commented.

Another person wrote that they would prefer a mannequin instead.

“In fact, a mannequin can be good, it doesn’t need to make my eyes sore,” they wrote.

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