China Released A Special Stamp For The New Rabbit Year And People Are Obsessed With How Ugly It Is

People are calling the rabbit a cursed image.

China’s official postal service has released two special rabbit-themed stamps to mark the upcoming year of the rabbit, and people are laughing crying at how ugly one of the rabbits is.

The first of the two stamps features three rabbits leaping around in a circle to symbolize endless blessings.

china new year rabbit stamp
Photo via China Post

The other stamp features a blue illustrated rabbit with a crooked smile, holding a letter in one hand and a calligraphy pen in the other.

china ugly rabbit new year stamp
Photo via China Post

In Mandarin Chinese, the “blue rabbit” serves as a homonym of a “blueprint” of blessings in the new year.

While some have called the design playful and avant-garde, others couldn’t help but comment on its dark energy, calling it a cursed image.

On the day of the launch on Jan. 5, a real-life mascot version of the blue rabbit also made an appearance at an event held by China Post in Guangxi.

china new year ugly rabbit mascot 3
Photo via China Post

Photos of the mascot taking pictures with children and then accidentally falling down over a flight of stairs have gone viral on Chinese social media.

china new year ugly rabbit mascot 2
Photo via China Post

The stamps were quickly sold out after causing a panic buying frenzy.

The stamps are now being re-sold at seven times their original price.

china new year ugly rabbit mascot
Photo via China Post

However, organizers removed the mascot on Jan. 6, a day after the event, after receiving negative feedback.

The blue rabbit stamp was drawn by 99-year-old Chinese artist Huang Yongyu.

“Drawing stamps is something that brings me a lot of joy. Everyone knows how to draw a rabbit, and not just me. I am happy if my drawing brings joy to people,” Huang said in response to his drawing going viral. 

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