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People In China Are Trying Everything To Melt This Luxury Ice Cream But Nothing Is Working

Videos of people trying all sorts of creative ways to melt a luxury ice cream brand’s popsicles but failing are going viral on Chinese social media.

People first noticed earlier this month that the ice cream popsicles from the brand Zhong Xue Gao, known in English as Chicecream, do not melt even at room temperature.

Soon, they started different challenges to try to melt Chicecream’s Sea Salt Coconut ice cream, barbecuing the popsicles, putting lighters and blowtorches to them, placing them in boiling hot water and inside air fryers.

But the popsicles stayed solid, simply charring in some instances without losing a drop of liquid, even when placed at room temperature for an hour.

The videos have prompted people to raise questions about food safety and the high prices of the ice creams.

Chicecream, which was founded in 2018, brands itself as the “Hermès of ice cream” in China. Its Sea Salt Coconut popsicle is sold for 17 yuan (US$2.50), which is more than triple the price of most ice creams in China. Its most expensive product, Ecuador Pink, was sold in 2018 at 66 yuan (US$10). 

The company has said that it use natural ingredients, and in a statement on its Weibo on Wednesday July 6, it said that its products are in line with national food safety regulations.

“We think it is unscientific to judge the quality of ice cream by roasting, drying or heating it,” it added.

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