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6 Conflicts Happening Around The World You May Not Have Heard About

Armed conflicts are happening in more places than you think, not just Ukraine.
Here are some of the biggest conflicts happening around the world right now.
1. Ethiopia
israel palestine conflict 2022 stats
  • There are widespread reports of war crimes, such as rapes and massacres, committed on both sides.
2. Afghanistan
afghanistan taliban conflict 2022 stats
3. Myanmar
myanmar conflict coup 2022 stats
4. Yemen
yemen civil war stats 2022
5. Syria
syrian war 2022 refugee stats
5. Palestine
israel palestine conflict 2022 stats
  • In May 2021, fighting erupted when Hamas militants in Gaza fired rockets at Israel after several Israeli police raids on 21 the al-Asqa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, and Israel announced plans to evict several Palestinian families from their homes in a East Jerusalem neighborhood.
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