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Polish Animal Rescuers Were Called To A “Mysterious Tree Monster” And It Turned Out To Be A Croissant

A "mysterious tree creature" that was terrorizing a woman's neighborhood in Krakow turned out to be a croissant.

Earlier this month, animal rescuers in Poland received a call from a woman about a “mysterious tree creature” that was terrorizing her neighborhood in Krakow.

The beast had been sitting in a tree in the block for two days, and people were not opening their windows because they were afraid it would enter their homes, the woman said. “It’s brown, it’s sitting in a tree and it is the … well, a … lagoon!” the woman said, temporarily forgetting “legwan,” the word for iguana in Polish.

After being reminded of the word, she exclaimed, “Yes, an iguana! He has been sitting here for two days and everyone is afraid of him. So when are you coming for it?” Rescuers from The Krakow Animal Welfare Society soon arrived at the scene and successfully located the mystery creature.

Upon a closer look, they discovered that it had no legs or a head. It was not a lagoon or an iguana – the mysterious tree creature turned out to be a croissant.

A post about the incident shared on the The Krakow Animal Welfare’s Facebook page has since gone viral, gaining more than 14,000 likes and 3,500 shares.

Rescuers say the croissant had probably fallen out of a window or been dropped by a bird. It added that the incident was real and reminded people that it was always better to report when something is worrying and be pleasantly disappointed.

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