These Three Good Dogs Performed A Symphony With An Orchestra In Denmark And They Were Pawfect

Cookie, Sophus and Sica were chosen for their outstanding barking skills and trained for three months to bark on command.

As the classical music festival, Haydn Festival, opened in Copenhagen, the Danish Chamber Orchestra brought a twist, with three furry performers barking along to the beat on stage.

In the rarely performed work “Hunting Symphony” by Leopold Mozart, the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dogs have a prominent and important soloist role.

However, it was usually performed with recorded sounds instead of live dogs.

To honor Mozart’s wish of having a part of the symphony be accompanied by “baying hounds”, the chief conductor of the Danish Chamber Orchestra auditioned dozens of dogs for the role.

After a fierce competition, three dogs named Cookie, Sophus and Sica were chosen for their outstanding barking skills.

They went through a three-month training with their owners, not only learning to know when to start and stop barking on command, but also to remain quiet for the rest of the performance.

“So the symphony is in three movements and in the last movement, we will hear the hunt to begin and we will have shootings. And then the dogs will bark around the scenes,” the head of the Danish Chamber Orchestra said.

The owners received four free tickets to the concert and a chance to be on the stage with the dogs while guiding them with different signs.

“I think if I had to be there all by myself, I think I would be nervous. But all the attention is on her, and you know she is the star, I’m just behind her with all the treats,” the owner of Cookie told Euronews Culture.

Their hard work paid off and they deserve a round of a paws!

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