These Emirati Women Have Formed Dubai’s First All Women SWAT Team And They Look So Cool

"I feel like I can do anything, if you want me to climb down a tower, I can, or climb up Burj Khalifa, I am ready."

Meet Dubai’s first all-women SWAT team, who are dismantling stereotypes and making it look cool while they’re at it.

The 11 member team of the Dubai Police have been training since September 2022, working on improving their fitness and sharpening their shooting skills.

In a society where it is seen as a taboo for women to be in such jobs, many of the women had a hard time convincing others of their choice of profession.

“When I first told my parents that I would join the SWAT team, my mother was against the idea, she was very scared, especially as it requires speed, accuracy and shooting, but I was able to convince and prove to her that I am up to the position I am in,” Lieutenant Latifa Al Salman told Reuters.

But from knocking down doors to practicing to rescue hostages, the women have proven that they are ready to take on its challenges.

“The role of women nowadays is an essential and big part of society, and there are many things they can be involved in, such as special operations,” Lieutenant Afra Al Nuaimi said. “When I come to work and train with the obstacles and shoot with a sniper rifle, I am putting my life at risk, so danger is there, and we are ready for it.”

And they have found that it has been a rewarding journey for themselves also.

“What changed in me is that I have more confidence and I feel like I can do anything, if you want me to climb down a tower, I can, or climb up Burj Khalifa, I am ready. I have more confidence now,” Al Salman said.

“I encourage every girl that likes to be in the field, considers herself an athlete, likes shooting and is strong, not to hesitate to join such teams and military work, because it changes one’s personality a lot and makes them more committed, it also develops them and pushes them to face their challenges and fears.” Sergeant Sheikha Ali Abdulla said.

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