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Dubai’s Missing Princess Latifa Has Been Pictured In Iceland And Efforts To Free Her Have Been Disbanded

The campaign to free Dubai’s Princess Latifa, who earlier this year said she was being held hostage by her family, has been disbanded after she was pictured traveling abroad on social media and her cousin confirmed he had met her in person and she is doing well.

Latifa first started appearing on the Instagram of British woman Sioned Taylor, a former Royal Navy member, on May 20. It was the first time photos of her emerged after she said in a video in February she was being held hostage by Dubai’s royal family.

Following the video’s release, the royal family said the 35-year-old was being cared for at home and did not respond to the United Nations calls to provide “proof of life.”

Latifa had been captured by commandos on a boat in the Indian Ocean when she attempted to flee abroad in Feb. 2018 and kept in Dubai since. Prior to her escape, she recorded a video saying she was not allowed to drive, travel or leave the country.

In recent months, Taylor shared several unverified photos of her and Latifa, including at Madrid airport and at a mall and restaurant.

On Aug. 9, the Free Latifa campaign announced its disbandment in statement, saying it was “the most appropriate step at this time”. It said Latifa’s cousin Marcus Essabri, a team member, had met the princess in person.

“I had an emotional reunion with my cousin Latifa in Iceland. I feel blessed that I got to spend time with her. It was reassuring to see her so happy, well and focused on her plans,” Essabri said in the statement.

The next day, Taylor posted a photo of herself with Latifa and Marcus in Iceland.

The campaign’s co-founder told the BBC the princess was in “the best position she has been in in terms of freedom… for two decades” but added they will monitor the situation closely.

However, many people did not believe it. Some pointed out Latifa did not look pleased in the photos, and she was not dressing in her style. Supporters continued to use the hashtag #freelatifa on social media even after the campaign ended.

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Latifa has not yet spoken in public.

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