This Dutch Model Has Become The First Transgender Woman To Be Crowned Miss Netherlands

The Netherlands’ Rikkie Kollé will become the second trans woman to compete at the Miss Universe pageant.

The Dutch model, Rikkie Kollé has become the first trans woman to be crowned Miss Netherlands on Saturday July 8.

Rikkie Kolle, the first trans woman Miss Netherlands, is seen wearing a read dress and a sash bearing her name.

The 22-year-old will now represent her country at the Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador later this year.

Rikkie Kollé, a transgender woman, receives the crown for Miss Netherlands.

She will become the second openly trans woman to compete in a Miss Universe competition after Spanish model Angela Ponce, who was crowned Miss Spain in 2018.

First transgender Miss Netherlands lays on the beach and poses for a picture

Kollé said she realized she was born in the wrong body when she was 8-years-old.

Transgender contestant, Rikkie Kollé, for Miss Netherlands poses for a picture.

After joining a waiting list for 2 years, she finally transitioned in 2022.

Dutch model and Miss Netherlands, Rikkie Kollé, lays in a hospital bed after transitioning

Kollé says she has constantly faced bullying and online abuse for being herself.

Dutch model and first trans Miss Netherlands poses for a picture wearing a fairy costume and smiling.

“From bullying to appointments to running home crying, things didn’t go well and I often thought, “Why me? Why does this happen to me?” But I always had a lot of support from my beloved family and friends,” she said on Instagram after her transition surgery.

First transgender Miss Netherlands, Rikkie Kollé, poses for a selfie in her car.

She said she hopes to use her position to uplift young LGBTQ people and raise awareness about transgender health care procedures in the Netherlands.

First transgender Miss Netherlands, Rikkie Kollé, poses for a picture wearing a pink suit

“Wherever you are in the world, I want to be there for you and be the example that I missed as a little me,” she wrote on Instagram after winning.

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