People In Gaza Are Resorting To Using Mosque Speakers To Communicate After Israel Bombed It Into A Blackout

"We have no communication with the outside world. There is no one left but you God."

After Israel bombed Gaza into a near-total communication blackout, people in Gaza are resorting to using the speakers at mosques to communicate with the outside world.

A viral video shared on social media from Oct. 28 captured a voice crying out in the darkness using the loudspeakers at a mosque that are usually used for calls to prayer.

“We have no communication with the outside world. There is no one left but you God,” the voice can be heard saying. “They are using their military might to harm us, but we believe in your power over them.”

“The people of Islam seek help from you, pray to God for victory, support them by praying together,” the person can be heard saying.

Communications went down on Friday Oct. 27, cutting off Gazans from contact with the rest of the world.

Palestinian telecoms provider Jawwal said on Friday Oct. 27 that Israeli airstrikes had destroyed “all remaining international routes connecting Gaza to the outside world,” Al Jazeera reported.

Shortly after, Israel said it was “expanding” its operations and intensified its bombardment of Gaza with some of the most intense shelling since the war began on Oct. 7.

It also launched a ground offensive into Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Force called on Palestinian civilians to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip for their safety.

However, people have still been killed by Israeli airstrikes in the south.

Connections have started resuming on Sunday Oct. 29, according to Paltel, the main Palestinian telecommunications company.

The head of Paltel said he believed the Israeli government had been responsible for cutting and restoring the communication as his company had not made any repairs.

Humanitarian and rights groups have raised concerns that the blackout could cover any potential war crimes from being documented.

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