This Is The Moment That Palestinian Militant Group Hamas Stormed A Music Festival In Israel

Israel's rescue service said it collected 260 bodies from the scene, one of the worst attacks on Israeli civilians.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas attacked a music festival near the Gaza Strip as part of its surprise attack against Israel, taking hostages and killing at least 260 people.

On Saturday, Oct. 7, Hamas, the Islamist militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, launched an unprecedented, surprise attack on Israel.

Hamas managed to breach the Gaza border, which Israel has kept tightly guarded, preventing the free movement of people to and from Gaza.

It is unclear how far Hamas got beyond the border, but it manage to breach 15 security points and attacked 22 locations in Israel, according to the Guardian.

One of the locations attacked included a trance music festival, The Tribe of Nova, happening in a desert field in Kibbutz Re’im around 5.3 kilometers from Gaza.

According to witnesses, rockets initially appeared in the sky, followed by gunfire, which some mistook for music.

Video footage verified by AP and Reuters showed young people fleeing the scene as gunfires are heard.

Aerial footage shows the aftermath of the attack, with abandoned and destroyed cars lining the street.

Israel’s rescue service Zaka said that it collected 260 bodies from the scene, one of the worst attacks on Israeli civilians, according to AP.

Hamas also took hostages from the festival, but the number is unknown.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ha declared war on Hamas and mobilized Israeli military forces following the surprise attack on Saturday morning.

On Monday Oct. 9, Israel ordered “a complete siege” of the Gaza Strip, saying authorities would cut electricity and block food, water and fuel from entering.

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