This Six-Year-Old Palestinian Girl In Gaza Has Been Killed After She Went Missing When Israeli Forces Attacked Her Family’s Car

Six-year-old Hind Rajab and her extended family were escaping Gaza on Monday, January 20th, when Israeli forces started shooting at their car.

A six-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza has been killed after she went missing when Israeli forces attacked her family’s car.

6-year-old Hind died in Gaza

Hind Rajab and her extended family had been fleeing Gaza on Monday Jan. 20, when Israeli forces started shooting at their car.

Hind killed by Israeli attack

Her older cousin, 15-year-old Layan Hamadeh, then called the Palestinian Red Crescent for help.

In a recording of the call shared by the Red Crescent, Layan says Israeli tanks are shooting at them, before she starts screaming as gunfire breaks out.

6-year-old girl Hind

The line then goes silent before Hind can be heard asking Red Crescent workers to get her, because she was scared.

Hind girl Gaza

For 3 hours, Hind remained on the call, trapped in the car among the bodies of her dead relatives, as Israeli forces continued to shoot around her.

Hind found in car in Gaza

After the Red Crescent pinpointed her location, they sent an ambulance to rescue her, but then lost contact with the ambulance crew.

Red Crescent ambulance

After 12 days, Hind’s family said on Saturday Feb. 10 that they had found her body decomposing in the car, which was peppered with bullet holes.

6-year-old Hind girl found dead in car

The Red Crescent said its ambulance crew had also been killed after Israeli forces bombed the ambulance just meters away from the car Hind was in.

Red Crescent workers

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