One Of Hong Kong’s Last Pro-Democracy Media Has Shut After Police Arrested Staff For “Sedition”

Stand News, one of Hong Kong's last pro-democracy media outlets, has closed after its top police raided its offices and arrested top editors for "conspiring to publish sedition material".
Stand News, one of Hong Kong’s last pro-democracy media outlets, has closed after police raided its offices and arrested top editors for “conspiring to publish sedition material”.
Police arrested seven senior Stand News staff and board members on Wednesday Dec. 29 after more than 200 officers raided the publication’s headquarters
Authorities said in a news conference that Stand News had published “inflammatory” content aimed at inciting hatred towards towards the government, citing the outlet’s coverage of the pro-democracy protests in 2019.
hong kong police jail stand news editor sedition
Those detained included the current and former editor-in-chiefs, Patrick Lam and Chung Pui-kuen, a deputy editor, board members and pop star and pro-democracy activist, Denise Ho, who was a former board member.
hong kong jail democracy staff sedition
Within hours, Stand News announced it was shutting down.
stand news staff jailed hong kong police sedition
In a statement on its website, it said that it was deleting its website and social media and that all staff had been dismissed.
stand news seize computers hong kong
It said police had seized several computers and documents and that the outlet would assist police with the investigation.
hong kong police stand news closed

“Stand News’s editorial policy was to be independent and committed to safeguarding Hong Kong’s core values of democracy, human rights, freedom, the rule of law and justice,” the announcement read. “Thank you, readers, for your continued support.”

Hong Kong’s No. 2 official, John Lee, said in a separate news conference that the Stand News had abused its position as a media outlet to endanger national security and damage press freedom.
hong kong jail democracy media staff sedition

This is just the latest crackdown on press freedom in Hong Kong.

Earlier in the year, pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily was forced to close down after authorities arrested and charged its top directors and editors and froze the company’s assets under the national security law.
hong kong police jail media staff sedition

Apple Daily’s founder Jimmy Lai has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for supporting the pro-democracy movement and is facing new charges of sedition in relation to the newspaper. He faces life in prison for other charges, according to the New York Times.

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