Israel’s Military Said It Found A List Of Hamas’ Hostage Guards At A Hospital In Gaza But It Was A Calendar

People who can read Arabic immediately pointed out the "names" written on the list are simply the days of the week in Arabic.

Israel’s military is coming under wide criticism after it said a calendar written in Arabic in the basement of a children’s hospital in Gaza was a list of Hamas members who were guarding the hostages.

On Tuesday Nov. 14, the Israeli military shared a six minute video on its social media showing what it said was “RAW FOOTAGE” of Hamas’ tunnels under the Rantisi children’s hospital in Gaza.

In the video, which is clearly edited and spliced together, the Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari first shows what he says is the entrance of a tunnel that leads to the hospital.

In the next shot, Hagari is then outside the hospital.

There is no footage of him nor the military entering, examining or exiting the tunnel from inside the hospital.

The video then cuts to Hagari walking through what he says is the basement of the hospital, pointing to a pile of perfectly laid out weapons on the floor, saying that it had been used by Hamas’.

The part of the video that has drawn the most criticism comes near the end, when Hagari points to a sheet of paper stuck on the wall of a room as “evidence” that Hamas was using the hospital to hold hostages.

“This is a guardian list, where every terrorist writes his name, and every terrorist has its own shift, guarding the people who were here,” Hagari said.

The video then zooms in on the sheet of paper on the wall.

People who can read Arabic online immediately debunked Hagari’s statement, pointing out that the “names” written on the list are simply the days of the week in Arabic.

CNN, which accompanied the Israeli military into the basement, aired the footage with the mistake and did not correct it.

Other elements of the video have also been brought into question by people online, who are calling on the Israeli army to release the full unedited footage.

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