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India Rickshaw Drivers Are Turning Their Vehicles Into Free Ambulances To Help The Healthcare System

Dozens of rickshaw drivers in New Delhi, India, have transformed their three-wheeled vehicles into auto-ambulances, to help both the citizens and the overwhelmed healthcare system.

Raj Kumar is one of the drivers who is part of the service, which was started by the Turn Your Concern Into Action Foundation to help those who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

There are nearly 100,000 active COVID-19 cases in the capital and deaths stand at 18,063, according to official data.

Given the shortage of ambulances in the city as it fights against a deadly second wave of the virus, these rickshaw drivers are proving to be of great help.

β€œNew Delhi is choking under COVID-19,” Kumar said. β€œI am running this service to help the public.”

Equipped with hand sanitizers, face masks, and oxygen cylinders if needed, the rides are free of cost and will take patients and their families to and from hospitals.

“All of us will have to come out of our homes and serve the common people by any possible means, be it with money or power. We all need to help each other,” Kumar said.

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