This Indonesian Woman Daredevil Rider Breaks Stereotypes While Performing Cool Stunts On Her Bike

Meet Karmila Purba, also known as “the Princess of the Wall of Death,” a fitting nickname for a fearless woman.

Meet Karmila Purba, also known as the “Princess of the Wall of Death”, a daredevil driver who defies stereotypes while performing at carnivals across West Java, Indonesia.

The 23-year-old rider defies gravity and fearlessly rides the famous “Wall of Death” attraction, a six-meter-high-wall.

Purba was a street performer in Sumatra before becoming a daredevil driver to earn more money.

omen daredevil drivers are extremely rare and Purba said she faced a lot of criticism for pursuing the job.

“People were saying to me, ‘You are a woman, why do you do something like that? It’s not for females’,” she told AFP news.

She began learning how to ride the “Wall of Death” in the hopes of doing something different.

“One time, I asked my rider teacher and asked whether he would give me some magical skills. He laughed and said the only thing you need to become a “Wall of Death” rider is nerve or guts, there is no magic,” she said.

She is now praised for her bravery and is one of the main attraction at carnivals.

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