The 16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Who Was Allegedly Beaten Into A Coma By “Morality Police” Has Died

Iranian state media reported that Armita Geravand died on Oct. 28 after she was pronounced brain dead a week earlier.

The 16-year-old Iranian teen who was allegedly beaten into a coma by “morality” police has died.

Iranian state media reported that Armita Geravand died on Saturday Oct. 28 after she was pronounced brain dead a week earlier.

armita geravand iran teen coma

CCTV footage on Sunday Oct. 1 showed a group of girls entering a subway train in Tehran, with some girls not appearing to be wearing headscarves.

After they enter the carriage, one of the girls is seen immediately backing off and reaching for the ground.

Moments later, Geravand is seen being carried off the train, unconscious, by other passengers.

iran teen coma morality police subway armita geravand

No video footage showed what happened inside the train, but Human Rights group Hengaw said that Geravand was subjected to “a severe physical assault” by the so-called “morality” police.

Hengaw shared a photo of Geravand being treated at Tehran’s Fajr Hospital, saying that the hospital was under tight security.

armita geravand iran death

The head of Tehran Metro told state media IRNA that CCTV footage showed no verbal of physical conflict between passengers or company employees.

armita geravand death iran morality

However, CCTV footage of the incident released by the government had been edited, with more than three minutes missing, according to Amnesty International.

The government’s official media said that Geravand had fainted due to low blood pressure.

armita geravand iran morality police

It also published a video of her parents saying Geravand was not attacked, according to the Guardian.

“I think my daughter’s blood pressure dropped, I am not too sure, I think they have said her pressure dropped,” her mother says in the video posted by IRNA, according to the BBC.

“We have checked all the videos and it has been proven for us that this incident was an accident. We request people to pray for our child’s recovery,” Geravand’s dad.

armita geravand parents iran teen coma morality police

There are widespread concerns that the video was filmed under duress.

An activist told Reuters that Geravand’s family have been forbidden from sharing her photo or talking to human rights groups.

iran armita geravand death morality police hijab

On Monday Oct. 2, a woman journalist was arrested for trying to visit the hospital and report on Gervand’s case.

Hengaw said that Gervand’s mother Shahin Ahmadi had been violently arrested by security forces near the hospital on Wednesday Oct. 4, adding that her whereabouts remain unknown.

Iranian officials denied the arrest to state news media.

The incident comes just over a year after the death of Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by “morality” police for allegedly breaking the hijab law, sparking widespread protests.

iran armita geravand dead

Rights groups are calling for the Iranian government to publish the CCTV footage of what happened inside the carriage.

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