Israel Has Shared Footage Of It Blowing Up A UN-Run School In Northern Gaza, Saying It Was A Hamas Base

A video shared by both Israeli and Palestinian journalists, showed Israeli soldiers cheering at an explosion at a UN-run school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza.

Israeli forces have shared a video of them blowing up a UN-run school in northern Gaza, claiming it was a Hamas outpost.

The school targeted was run by the UN Relief and Works Agency(UNRWA) and located in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza.

un school bombed by israel

The video, shared by both Israeli and Palestinian journalists, on Dec. 12 showed Israeli forces cheering at a massive plume of smoke rising from the school following an explosion.

“The moment of the explosion of the UNRWA school in the northern Gaza Strip, or more correct to say a Hamas military outpost above and below ground,” an Israeli reporter, Almog Boker, wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A spokesperson for the UNRWA told the Messenger that some UN facilities had been “directly hit” and some “more than once” in northern Gaza.

“UN facilities must be protected at all times and kept out of harm. Not doing that is a violation of humanitarian law,” the spokesperson said.

israel bombs un school gaza

The Times of Israel reported that on Saturday, Israeli forces had fought with Hamas near schools in northern Gaza, but it is uncertain if they were the same schools.

UN-run schools have come under repeated attacks from the Israeli military, despite becoming shelters for thousands of Palestinians who have been forced from their homes.

More than 18,000 Palestinians have now been killed in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes and a ground offensive, with about two thirds of casualties being women and children.

The death toll in Israel stands at about 1,200, with about 117 Israelis being held hostage by Hamas.

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