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This Japanese Aquarium Worker Dressed Up As Santa To Feed The Fish And It’s Mesmerizing To Watch

An aquarium worker in Yokohama, Japan, dressed up as Santa Claus to feed the fish at a local aquarium on Friday, Dec. 10.

The Santa wore diving equipment and fed krill to about 3,000 fish in an arched tank at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise as visitors looked on.

“I think it’s a very novel idea (to have a Santa Claus diver swim in a tank),” 27-year-old nurse Aika Obara, who visited the aquarium with her daughter, told Reuters. “It was fun.”

Elsewhere in the amusement park, another worker also dressed up as Santa to feed the penguins.

The aquarium had previously held similar events, but this is the first time for Santa to visit the tunnel tank, organizers said, adding that Santa will continue to feed the fish in the tank daily until Christmas Day.

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