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This Japanese Dad Built A Mini Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant At Home For His Son In Lockdown

Morikawa papa, a Japanese dad who is also a YouTuber, built a homemade sushi restaurant to surprise his son while Japan was in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For his home project in January, Morikawa papa created a mini sushi conveyor belt using a toy train set and sticking plastic bowls over the train carriages for stability.

For added authenticity, Morikawa papa made the sushi entirely by himself, wore clothes typical of a Japanese sushi chef and added banners behind him like those in many Japanese restaurants.

He placed the homemade sushi on paper bowls within the plastic bowls and taped a price tag for each bowl behind him.

In May, the doting father expanded his “home business” and created a mini-oden stand that included roofing, lanterns and noren, vertical fabric that usually hangs in front of Japanese stores.

His son, overjoyed by the meal that was prepared for him at home, happily chatted away with his dad who, for one day, turned into a business owner instead.

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