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This 10-Year Old Japanese Boy Is A Sumo World Championship

Meet Kyuta Kumagi, the current title-holder of sumo world champion in the under-10 category.

At the age of 10, Kumagi weighs 85 kilograms, which is twice the size of other children his age.

He dominates in wrestles against boys five or six years older than him.

The talented young sumo wrestler trains six days per week, going to his local sumo club or lifting weights.

On top of that, he swims and practices track and field for flexibility and explosiveness, qualities needed for sumo wrestling.

β€œIt is fun to beat people older than me,” Kumagi, who has been on the program and competed since kindergarten told Reuters.

For now, Kumagi is working towards gaining another 20 kilograms in two years before entering middle school so he can be taken in by a high-profile sumo stable.

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