This Japanese Variety Show Skit Of Babies Dressing Up As Sushi Might Be The Cutest Thing You See All Day

So kawaii.

A video of babies being dressed up like sushi on a Japanese variety show has gone viral on social media after the show was re-broadcasted on Netflix, and it is literally the cutest.

The clip comes from the long-running variety show by Nippon TV called “Kasou Taishou” (known as “Masquerade”) – which premiered in December 1979.

In the show, amateur groups perform short skits, often faking special effects seen in movies in creative ways using performers and DIY props and costumes, to impress a panel of judges.

In episode 87, two women performers dressed babies up in different colors of clothing and placed them on a big white pillow to turn them into sushi pieces.

No babies were hurt in the process.

Although they looked confused, they were still very collaborative.

The group ended up in third place in the episode and earned 300,000 yen (about US$D 2,266).

A video of the skit has gone viral on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 3.6 million times.

“It’s too funny that the babies are always looking at the camera for some reason,” a commenter wrote.

The series has been re-broadcasted on Netflix since March 2022.

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