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This Woman Has Become Jordan’s Youngest Race Car Inspector At Age 20

Meet Mira Tazari.

The 20-year-old is currently the youngest race car inspector in Jordan and one of the few woman scrutineers in the Kingdom.

Tazari’s love for motorsport started at a young age, as her father, who is also a professional scrutineer – a role that ensures vehicles meet technical regulations – used to take her to the tracks to watch races. 

She became so mesmerized that simply attending sporting events and cheering on racers couldn’t satisfy her anymore. When she turned 18 and got her driving license, she decided to leave the spectator bench for the racing tracks. 

“I couldn’t stay on the sidelines as an audience, I wanted to join the scrutineers and see how they conducted the technical inspection and how driving race cars on circuits is different from driving on the streets,”Tazari said, according to Reuters. 


To pursue the career path as a professional race car inspector,Tazari enrolled in a technical college in Amman, Jordan, majoring in automotive engineering. She is also the only woman student on her course. 

Even though there are very few women in the specialization, Tazari said giving up is not an option for her.

“I did not give up, had I given up from the beginning then I would not have been here for sure. I kept on trying as much as I could, I took any chance to try,” she said.

jordan motorsport tazari youngest woman car inspector

With numerous vehicle inspection courses and training under her belt,Tazari is now part of the inspection team at Jordan Motorsport, the official organization for all sporting events in the Kingdom of Jordan. 

Motorsport was first brought into Jordan by the late King Hussein in the 1950s, and now the Kingdom hosts three international events and a growing calendar of national championships each year.  

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