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Chinese Rapper Kris Wu Has Been Accused Of Luring Underage Girls Into Having Sex With Him

One of China’s biggest stars, rapper and former EXO member, Kris Wu, has been dropped by dozens of major brands after more than 20 women, some underage, said he had lured them into having sex with him.

On July 8, 19-year-old Chinese university student Du Meizhu said on Weibo she met Wu, 30, two years ago, when his agent invited her to his house saying Wu could help her with her acting career.

She said she was pressured to drink until she lost consciousness and woke up in his bed the next day.

Du shared screenshots of one of Wu’s associates contacting her after to ask her how much money she needed to keep quiet and threatening legal action when she demanded a public apology.

Du said 500,000 yuan ($80,000) was then transferred into her bank account without her consent.

Over several posts, Du said she decided to speak out because she wanted to be “the last victim” as she believed the women he was seducing were “getting younger and younger”. Du said Wu would drug and rape women, including underaged girls, “selecting women like concubines at a table.”

She said she knew of at least seven other victims, including two who were minors. The age of consent is 14 in China.

Her posts went viral and sparked a #MeToo movement, with one post receiving more than 10 million likes.

24 other women have since come forward to share their own experiences of being pressured into having sex with Wu, the Washington Post reported.

Wu has denied the allegations.

“There has never been any ‘selection of concubines’,” he wrote on Weibo. “If there are such behaviors, don’t worry, I will go to jail on my own!” Wu’s lawyer said they would launch legal action against Du, who reported the case to the police, for defamation.

The case is still under investigation. If convicted, Wu, a Canadian citizen, would face a prison sentence of at least 10 years up to the death penalty under Chinese law. 

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