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Lego Will Start Using Paper Bags To Replace Its Plastic Packaging After Children Asked Them To

Lego will start trialling the paper bags in 2021.

Danish toy production company Lego announced last week they will start making both their products and packaging more sustainable.

Lego says it will be investing up to $400 million over the next three years to make the company more sustainable. The company’s first step is removing plastic bags from their products. 

lego paper bags
LEGO Group

Lego’s ultimate goal is to make all of its packaging sustainable by 2025 and will commence working towards this goal next year, with a trial of easy-to-open, recyclable paper bags that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to contain their loose bricks instead of their usual plastic bags.

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LEGO Group

This move towards making their products more sustainable stemmed from the millions of children who had sent the Lego Group letters, asking for their products to remove single-use plastic packaging in order to help the environment, according to Niels B Christiansen, the Lego Group’s chief executive, who claimed that the children were the ultimate push towards making their products more sustainable.

LEGO Group

“We have been exploring alternatives for some time and the passion and ideas from children inspired us to begin to make that change,” he said.

LEGO Group

In 2015, the company set a target to make all of their products from sustainable materials before 2030 by expanding their use of bio-bricks, which currently accounts for less than 2% of all Lego pieces.

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