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This Artist Built A “Portal” Between Two Cities In Poland And Lithuania And It Looks Awesome

Benediktas Gylys, an artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania, has created a “portal” connecting Vilinus to Lubin, a city in Poland that allows people to see the other city in real time.

The portal, which have large screens and cameras that broadcast live footage of the cities, were erected on May 26 outside the Vilnius Train Station and Lubin’s Central Square, around 600 kilometers (375 miles) away.

lithuania poland portal benediktas gylys train station

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University’s Creativity and Innovation Centre (LinkMenu fabrikas), which built the portals, said they chose the shape of a circle to symbolize the wheel of time and because it was a well-known and recognized sci-fi symbol.

lithuania poland portal benediktas gylys people greet

The visual bridges took five years to create.

Gylys said the PORTALS project is “a bridge to unity, an invitation to rise above prejudices, above the disagreements that belong to the past, it’s an invitation to rise above the illusion of us and them.”

lithuania poland portal benediktas gylys central square

Organizers say they are looking to build more PORTALS in other cities with the goal of encouraging a public movement to unite different cultures and people.

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