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This Iranian Woman Died After She Was Arrested By Police Over Her Hijab And People Want Justice

Protests have broken out in Iran after a 22-year-old woman who was detained by the morality police died while in custody.

Mahsa Amini died on Friday Sep. 16. after spending three days in a coma.

mahsa amini iran hijab police

She had been arrested on Wednesday outside a metro station in Tehran for allegedly not complying with the strict dress code imposed on women in Iran while on a trip to visit relatives in the capital.

Women in Iran must wear a covering on their heads and modest clothes from the age of nine.

Police had allegedly beaten Amini up inside the morality police van while taking her to a detention centre, according to eyewitnesses.

Hours after her arrest, her family was informed that she had been taken to Kasra hospital and placed in an intensive-care unit.

mahsa amini iran hijab police

Police said they had transfer her to a hospital because she had suffered a sudden heart attack.

However, her family has questioned that statement because Amini did not suffer from any heart or health problems.

Doctors had told the family “that while her heart was still beating, her brain is no longer conscious.”

Images shared on social media showed Amini in the hospital and with bandages covering her head.

Amini’s death fueled outrage, leading to multiple protests in the capital and Kurdistan, Amini’s home province.

Women are taking off their hijabs to protest her death.

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution, women have been required to wear a hijab, but recently Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has imposed a new set of restrictions to enforce the law.

mahsa amini iran hijab police

The new set of restrictions has also brought a new wave of police brutality against women with videos showing the violence committed by the morality police against detained women.

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