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This 13-Year-Old Japanese Girl Has Become The First Olympic Gold Winner For Women’s Skateboarding

13-year-old Japanese skateboarder Momiji Nishiya has won the first ever Olympic gold medalist in women’s street skateboarding, one of four new sports added to the Olympics program at Tokyo.
In her – and the sport’s – Olympic debut, Nishiya skated to the top of the podium in her on Monday July 26.
13yr old Momiji Nishiya wins Olympic Gold in Street Skateboarding1
Despite a shaky start with falls on her first two attempts, Nishiya bounced back in style to clinch the lead.

13yr old Momiji Nishiya wins Olympic Gold in Street Skateboarding2

“I didn’t think I could win, but everyone around me cheered me on so I’m glad I was able to find my groove,” she said after her victory.

Brazil’s Rayassa Leal, 13, took home the silver while fellow Japanese skateboarder Funa Nakayma nabbed the bronze.

The host country is off to a great start with gold medal sweeps in the sport. Yuto Horigome won the men’s title on Sunday.

Skateboarding was added to the Olympics program by the International Olympic Committee in 2016 along with baseball/softball, karate, sports climbing and surfing, which will also debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

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