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This Spanish TikToker Says He Tricks Women Into Unprotected Sex By Saying He’s Sterile, Causing Outrage

Spanish TikToker, Naim Darrechi, 19, has caused an outcry after saying he often avoids using a condom during sex by telling his sexual partners he is sterile when they ask him to use protection.

During an interview with a Spanish YouTuber, Mosto Papi – who has previously done giveaways involving women, such as a meeting with the winner’s favourite porn star – Naim, the most-followed Spanish TikToker with over 27 million followers, confessed he didn’t wear a condom during his sexual encounters because otherwise “it would be really hard” for him to orgasm.

He also said he has never left anyone pregnant before so he supposes he is sterile, even if he’s never been tested before. 

When Mosto Papi asked him, “But don’t they tell you something like, ‘hey, dude, come on’?”, Naim replied with a smile, saying “I just tell them, ‘relax, I’m sterile.’” The two men then proceed to laugh at his response.

Naim stated back in May that he is against abortions, even if a woman wanted to get one due to rape. In a TikTok video, he says, “If you’ve gotten pregnant then tough sh*t, but don’t kill the baby. There are methods to prevent them.”

After the backlash over his interview comments, Naim apologized via Instagram stories, saying, “I made a comment that really is out of place and that is not right. Sometimes I say things and sometimes I exaggerate, but here it’s just crazy what I said, I wish it had been cut at the edit and no one would ever have heard it.”

He has hardly lost any followers since the incident.

Irene Montero, Spain’s equality minister, revealed on Twitter that she has asked a prosecutor to investigate Naim and to find out if what he said was truth and, if so, to identify possible victims of his sexual deception as his actions would constitute as sexual abuse under current Spanish law.

Spain’s cabinet voted to approve a draft law that clearly defines sex without consent as rape. The bill, dubbed the “only yes means yes” law, is awaiting a parliamentary reading and vote, which is expected in September.

“To take off the condom or ejaculate during intercourse without consent is sexual abuse today and the ‘only yes means yes’ law will recognize it as assault,” Montero tweeted, “To show off in front of 26 million followers about something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent as a central issue.”

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