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A Four-Year-Old Boy Called The New Zealand Police To Ask Them To Come See His Toys And So They Did

New Zealand police have gone viral after they responded to an emergency call from a four-year-old boy asking them to go see his toys.

The police shared a video on Facebook of the exchange between the boy calling 111 and speaking to a woman operator.

“Police lady?… Can I tell you something?” he says.

The operator agrees and he says, “I’ve got some toys for you. Come over and see them.”

There is then a scuffle before the boy’s dad picks up the phone and explains to the operator that there was no emergency and his son had dialed 111 while helping him out while the children’s mother was sick.

After the call ended, the operator sent out a dispatch asking for any units nearby the boy’s house to head over as “There is a four-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over.”

An officer, later named as Constable Kurt, volunteers and says he will attend to it.

Constable Kurt was shown an array of toys at the boy’s house and confirmed that the boy “did have cool toys.”

The officer also showed the boy the patrol car and put the lights on for him and got an adorable photo together.

The video went viral on Facebook, gaining more than 1.2 million views and 49,000 reactions.

“While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share,” the force wrote.

“Constable Kurt from Southern District Police responded by arriving at the child’s house and was shown an array of toys. He also had a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies,” it added.

People absolutely loved it.

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