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Nigerian Girls Are Learning STEM And Robotics At A Program Created By This Woman Engineer

In Kano, Nigeria, teenage girls are learning robotics, computing and other STEM subjects as part of a project named Kabara. 

Kabara is an initiative created by woman engineer Hadiza Garbati, with the aim of challenging local views of what girls should be doing and learning in a socially conservative Muslim society.

Garbati hopes that these classes will allow the girls to develop further skills which they may then use to start their own small business or enroll at university.

“We found that our girls, even though some of them might not be good at traditional mathematics, they’ve displayed superior intellect in understanding the way the equipment and machine work and basic concepts of physics and basic concepts of mathematics without necessarily understanding what the subject is,” Garbati told Reuters. “And we think that that is the future.”

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