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A Giant Walrus Named Freya Has Been Touring The Shores Of Norway, Laying Around And Sinking Boats

A giant walrus named Freya is touring southern Norway, enjoying the sun and sinking boats.

A giant walrus named Freya is touring southern Norway, enjoying the sun and sinking boats.

The story of her adventures have not only spread across Norway but around the world.

Photos of Freya, who weighs 700 kilograms, lounging around unbothered on boats and by the harbor have gone viral, with one tweet gaining more than 14,000 retweets.

Per Ole Halvorsen, a 59-year-old retired firefighter and semi-professional photographer from the town of Kragerø, had the opportunity to photograph Freya during her trip to nearby Stabbestad.

Halvorsen told Almost that he had heard Freya had been spotted near his town around June 12 but stumbled upon her by accident.

“She was often resting or sleeping on docks and floating harbor installations and onboard small boats in the harbors. She also destroyed some boats,” Halvorsen said.

“Let’s hope the boat owners had good insurance,” he added.

Freya gained a lot of attention during her stay in Stabbestad, Halvorsen said, with people flocking to see and take photos with her.

“It’s exciting to see a walrus because it’s unusual for us,” he said. “Walruses are not a common sight around here at all.”

Distinctive characteristics such as a spot on Freya’s check, the size of her teeth and markings on her flippers, helped scientists and walrus-enthusiasts to recognize her, Halvorsen said.

Freya, who is a bit of a social media icon, was first spotted laying on a submarine in the port of Den Helder, Netherlands in October 2021.

Since then, she has been traveled to various other locations around Europe including Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

And people think Freya is an absolute queen.
People love her energy.
Long live the queen.
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