These French Teens Are Using Parkour To Turn Off Paris Store Lights At Night To Help Save Energy

As France launches an energy efficiency plan following Russia’s cutoff of gas to Europe, these Parisian teen parkour athletes are taking to the streets of the capital at night to contribute in their own way.

Videos of teen parkour athletes switching off lights at night in Paris have been circulating on social media, as France launches an energy efficiency plan following Russia’s cutoff of gas to Europe.

They are seen jumping and climbing up walls, gutters and balconies to flip off the light switches of shop signs that have been kept on all night in an attempt to fight against light pollution and promote energy conservation.

The Paris-based On The Spot Parkour group of 20 members can be found on night tours around Paris several times a month, searching for illuminated signage. 

While most stores have lit up window displays that cannot be turned off, the group seeks out emergency switches two to four meters high on the outside of storefronts.

“Everyone can contribute in their own way” to save energy, Kevin Ha, the leader of the collective, said.

The vigilantes have taken the roles of the police officers to maintain the order issued by the Paris City Hall, which requires stores to turn off all signs and window displays from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m, the New York Times reported.

The decree has not been enforced by the authorities, according to the head of the National Association for the Protection of the Sky and the Night Environment, who has been lobbying to combat light pollution. 

In response to the parkour activities, which has raised concerns about the legality, the City Council has spoken out in support of the initiative. 

“They are right to take action,” a Paris deputy mayor managing the environmental aspects said, according to the New York Times. “It’s also thanks to them that we’ll put an end to these shocking habits.”

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