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This 79-Year-Old Russian Grandma Loves To Ice Skate Across A Frozen Lake Every Day

Meet Lyubov Morekhodova, the 79-year-old Russian ice-skating granny.

Living alone on the banks of the frozen lake Baikal, she glides across the lake every day to do her chores, look for her cows and for her own enjoyment.

“I skated there, had a look – the cows were not there, so I skated that way and saw they were roaming near the mountain. Called them and they returned home. Just like that,” Morekhodova said.

She goes on errands by skating across Baikal to look for her cows.

She also skates simply for fun.

When asked why she likes skating, she said, “because my heart longs for it.”

Her family lived beside the lake, so she started skating since she was a child to commute to school instead of trudging through snow.

Morekhodova still uses the skates her father, Nikolai Morekhodov, made from a saw and pieces of wood in 1943.

“Baikal is the best thing in the world. It is pristine, virgin nature. It beats everything, everything,” she said.

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