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The Russian Ballerina Performed “Swan Lake” On A Frozen Bay To Protest A Construction Project

Ilmira Bagautdinova, a ballerina from the prestigious Mariinsky Theatre in Russia, danced on the frozen waters of the Gulf of Finland in a graceful protest against the construction of a port.

Bagrautinova filmed herself in full costume last month as she danced in freezing temperatures at Batareinaya Bay, a popular beach home to real swans about 100km west of St. Petersburg. People visit the place all year round, including Bagrautinova who says she often went for walks there with her family. “

One day we learned that they wanted to build a port there and that the locals are protesting and have created a petition.” Bagrautinova told Almost. “I was very upset and thought how can I help.” She added the music from Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and shared the videos of her dancing on Facebook, calling on people to sign the petition to save the bay. “We need to take care of the beautiful places that nature gives us,” she said.

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