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Finland’s 36-Year-Old Prime Minister Was Seen Partying In A Leaked Video And It Caused A Controversy

A leaked video showing Finland's 36-year-old prime minister partying with celebrity friends has sparked a debate in the country.

A leaked video showing Finland’s 36-year-old prime minister partying with celebrity friends has sparked a debate in the country.

Video showing Sanna Marin, who became the world’s youngest world leader in 2019, singing and dancing with celebrities and influencers at what appears to be a private party went viral on social media on Wednesday Aug. 17.

The clips were initially shared to a private Instagram account but were leaked and soon picked up by Finnish media.

While supporters have defended Marin’s right to a private life, some have criticized her behavior as irresponsible for the leader of the country.

The criticism arose mainly as Marin had canceled a holiday on the weekend of August 6, when the video was reportedly taken, and declared herself on duty.

Addressing the backlash on Thursday Aug. 18, Marin said the videos had been filmed a few weeks ago and that she had known she was being filmed but did not think the videos would become public.

“I spent the evening with my friends, partied, even in a rowdy way, danced and sang,” she said. “I have free time that I spend with my friends. I’m pretty sure that’s the same as many people my age.”

She said that her ability to work had been unimpaired at the party and she would have left the party if required.

She also denied that she had taken any drugs, as some have accused.

On Friday, Marin said she had taken a drugs test and that the results would be available in a week.

She said that she had never taken any drugs, not even when she was a teenager, adding that she took the test “for [her] own legal protection and to clear up any doubts,” according to the Guardian.

She said her alcohol consumption at the party had been moderate and she could always be reached by phone and through security personnel in emergencies.

“My entire term as prime minister has been a time of crisis and things have been reasonably well taken care of,” Marin told reporters on Friday.

She added that she hopes that in the year 2022, it would be possible for people in her position to enjoy their free time.

“I trust people understand free time and work time can be separated,” she said.

In December 2021, Marin was criticized for going clubbing after she went clubbing after coming into close contact with a COVID case.

She apologized for her actions, saying that a text message alerting her had been sent to her work phone, which she didn’t see as she had left it at home.

Under Finland’s COVID guidelines, anyone who has received two vaccinations does not need to isolate if they come into contact with a positive case, according to the BBC.

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