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Australia’s Prime Minister Accidentally Tackled This Boy To The Ground During A Soccer Match

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison accidentally tackled a boy to the ground during a friendly soccer match while he was campaigning in Tasmania on Wednesday May 18.

Footage shows Morrison losing his balance while trying to go after the ball and falling onto Luca Fauvette, from the Devonport Strikers soccer club.

Morrison then quickly rolled over to check on Fauvette, who was unharmed, and then high-fived him.

Video of the incident immediately went viral.

Fauvette later told that Morrison had called him after to check if he was okay, joking that it “should have been a penalty.”

After the match, Morrison met with the players and parents and pledge $3.5 million to upgrade the pitch and facilities.

In his speech, he joked that he might be able to help with the construction work as a bulldozer.

“I think that when that grandstand comes down, I hear it might need a bit of a bulldozer to knock it down, so I might be able to help with that,” he said.

Morrison has admitted that he’s a “bit of a bulldozer,” but he promised to change his ways and become better at listening to Australians in leading the nation.

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