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Passengers In Spain Were Trapped On A Train After It Was Surrounded By Wildfires Raging On Both Sides

Passengers traveling from Madrid to Ferrol in Spain on Monday July 18 were temporarily trapped when the train was forced to stop by wildfires around the tracks.

A video shot by a Francisco Seoane, a passenger, showed concerned people looking out of the windows as both sides of the train were surrounded by flames.

The train had stopped around 9:30 am around the Zamora region when a wildfire tore through vegetation near the track, Seoane told Reuters.

In another part of Zamora, a man was hospitalized for serious burns after he was burned when he tried to save his town from wildfires.

More than 510 people have died in Spain from heat-related causes as Spain sweltered on the eighth day of a heatwave, according to Reuters.

Across Europe, wildfires are raging from Portugal to France as the continent experiences a scorching heatwave that has broken records. 

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