Suga From BTS Made A Rare Comment On China’s Ban On K-Pop Stars Performing In The Country

"How could I tour in China when we can't perform there?"

Suga from K-pop boy band BTS has made a rare public comment about China’s unofficial restrictions on K-pop artists performing in the country. 

Since August 2016, China has imposed an unofficial “K-pop ban” after the US deployed a missile defense system in South Korea, which deteriorated the relationship between China and South Korea.

However, Chinese authorities have never acknowledged the restrictions, according to BBC.

While K-pop groups are still allowed to perform in China’s Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau, it is very rare for Korean artists to speak up about the struggles they face in the Chinese market.

Suga, also known by his solo rapper name Agust D, is currently on his worldwide concert tour, as he focuses more on his solo projects after two BTS members – Jin and J-Hope –  enlisted in South Korea’s mandatory military service.

During a live stream on the Korean social media Weverse, Suga was asked if he would tour in China as a solo artist, to which he replied, “How could I tour in China when we can’t perform there?”

“People of other nationalities including Chinese members in a K-pop group can go work in China, but those groups as a whole still couldn’t,” the 30-year-old went on to explain.

“I want to do a Chinese tour. It’s been a long time since I went to China so I want to go. But there’s no way for a Korean artist to go and work,” he added.

This unsaid ban has affected not only the K-pop industry and artists but also Chinese artists and celebrities. 

Several Chinese celebrities who attended the K-pop girl band, BLACKPINK’s concert in Macau last month were criticized and “blacklisted” by Chinese fans.

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