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Swiss Farmers Airlifted Cows Down From The Top Of The Alps To Take Part In An Annual Festival

About a dozen cows were airlifted down from the Swiss Alps on Friday Aug. 27 in a majestic sight.

Every year, about a thousand cows make their way down from the high alpine pastures to the Urnerboden valley in Switzerland to take part in an annual cattle parade.

However, injured and pregnant cows, which may have struggled with the steep walk down, were transported down by helicopter over the Swiss meadows to Klausenpass, about 1,950 meters (6,400 feet) above sea level.

They were carried in mesh harnesses that were suspended from a helicopter.

“In exceptional cases, when some cows are injured, we cannot demand that the cows walk the long and stony way down. Therefore, for their protection, they are airlifted,” Jonas Arnold, a dairy farmer, said.

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