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This Syrian Woman Is Delivering Free Meals To Families In Rural Areas During Ramadan

Meet Hiba Zien, a Syrian woman who is delivering free Iftar meals to families living in rural areas during Ramadan.

24-year-old Zien, a university student at the Damascus University, founded the “Ramadan Taxi” initiative to deliver food to locals in rural areas near Damascus, where many families cannot afford the rising fuel and transportation prices to travel to the city of Qatana.

“People usually crave a variety of food during Ramadan, imagine the situation of those who do not have food? I wish we remember those who are in need and offer them food,” Zien told Reuters.

Initially, she collected food through individual donations. As the project grew and more families needed assistance, she contacted charities which offered to help.

Zien hopes to expand the initiative to all Syrian cities and that other young people will join.

“My capacity is simple anyone can start doing this using their car, or motorcycle or bicycle or even on foot. So if you know that someone is in need you can help by delivering a meal,” the young woman said.

After 11 years in conflict, Syria faces its worst humanitarian crisis with 14.6 million people in need of assistance, and almost two-thirds living in extreme poverty.

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